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Duncan Cowie

Adi Shard

Current News

Corvette Marine was re-launched in 2009 after being bought by Duncan Cowie and Adi Shard, the management team that builds and markets the highly successful line of Fleming Yachts. Construction of the all-new Corvette 340 is now underway at Tung Hwa, the same yard in Kaohsiung, Taiwan that builds the luxurious Fleming 55, 65 and 75 Motor Yachts. Corvette's previous owners and managers, Rod Nixon and Steve Robson, are now at the yard in Taiwan working with the Fleming team to develop and build the all-new Corvette 340.

A Brief History

Corvette Marine was started in 1974 with the introduction of a 32-foot British-built, trawler-styled family cruiser designed by naval architect, Terry Compton of Compton-McGill. In the mid-80s, the company was sold and renamed Corvette Cruisers, and during that time significant changes were made to its design to improve handling and overall performance. The V-drive engine arrangement was upgraded to a traditional shaft system, with the engines being moved mid-ships for better weight distribution and enhanced seakeeping characteristics.

Nixon Robson / Tung HWA

The boat's level of performance caught the attention of journalists and avid cruisers, and the popularity of the Corvette 320 grew. Click here to see photos. The company's owner subsequently retired from the boatbuilding business, and in 1995 its employees purchased the company. The popular 320 continued to be refined resulting in a series of rave reviews and solid sales throughout Europe and Japan over the next several years.

The downturn of the global economy and the unique challenges of the hard-hit boat building industry, however, caused Corvette Marine to close its doors in the U.K. in 2008. Fortunately, the Fleming team of Cowie and Shard quickly came to the rescue, and production of an all-new, more spacious model, the Corvette 340, began in 2009-2010 at the Tung Hwa yard in Taiwan.

Tung Hwa's exquisite craftsmanship is highly respected throughout the boating world, and it is already proving instrumental in adding to the overall quality of the Corvette. This iconic family cruiser has not only survived, it has been re-introduced as "The World's Biggest Little Yacht," brought to you by the same people who bring you Fleming Yachts, "The Ultimate Cruising Yacht." The Corvette 340 is now being sold worldwide.