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Reviews of Corvette Yachts


The all new Corvette 340 built by the craftsmen who build Fleming Yachts will be made available to the Press during the next several months. Until then please read the following comments on the Corvette's design that have been published in the past.

"I've been out in some snotty weather in the 320, and for a 32-footer the seakeeping is fantastic." Jon Mendez, RYA skipper and Corvette 320 owner

"This is one of the best boats to be aboard when you get caught out by rough weather."
Motor Boat & Yachting

"The combination of deck space, aft-cabin layout, seaworthiness and timeless design is what makes the Corvette 32s so cherished."
Motor Boat Monthly

"Altogether Corvette have produced a cabin which rivals those on many 44-footers."
Motor Boat & Yachting

"Since buying her, we've been on the water in conditions up to a Force 8, without a glitch. One on occasion, we had to cross Chichester bar with a 45-knot wind against the tide, producing very short sharp waves, which she handled without a problem." Simon Galley, owner of a Corvette 320

Getting around could not be easier or safer. Handrails appear wherever you reach out, although with teak decks as standard, you never lose your footing anyway.
Motor Boat & Yachting

"The story of the Corvette 320 is a long and unusual one, not least because no one can quite agree on why her hull works so well."
Motor Boat & Yachting

"Our technical director David Marsh remarked that it was one of the most impressive boats he'd ever tested."
Motor Boat & Yachting